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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

I did not decorate for Easter as I normally do, except for my cute flags outside. I didn't do Easter baskets (just a little candy for the boys), but I have really enjoyed this weekend. The focus has been Jesus...just as it is supposed to be! Yesterday, we went to see the movie God's Not Dead and then out to eat, then straight to church, where we took part in communion. It was an awesome night, and we were reminded of the real reason for this holiday...Jesus paid the price for our sins as he died on a horrible cross in our place! Hallelujah! Tomorrow we top it off by attending my son's girl friend's church, wearing our traditional Easter attire. I'll post photos tomorrow, hopefully, if the wind and rain don't mess with our tresses! 

Switching gears...just another quick update on the weight loss progress. I am hanging in there! I have lost 14 pounds so far! Weekends are harder. We've always had Friday night pizza nights, and I always have at least one slice. Saturday, Ed brought home Chinese food for lunch. The entree from the "Weight Watchers" menu was, well...let's just say it was spit into a napkin. My pit bull mix, Faye, seemed to enjoy it. So I ate the broccoli that came with it, and then had some of Ed's sesame chicken. Nope...not on the plan, but I was not going to fix something else. I was still proud of myself. Normally I could have eaten three times the amount I had for lunch. Just keeping it real for y'all!
Tonight, we made chicken quesadillias on the George Foreman grill. Good stuff! Sunday, I am heating a precooked ham, making deviled eggs with light mayo (my younger son LOVES these), green beans, and potatoes. Hope wherever you are that you can take time out Sunday to reflect on Christ's resurrection! Pressing on!

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