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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Through the Struggle

Obviously I haven't blogged in about a month....and what a difficult month it has been. As far as my weight goes, I am exactly where I was a month ago. I have maintained, but not lost. Part of this is because of my struggle with emotional eating. My mom passed away on the 23rd of May. Even though she had been sick for a couple of years, and I'm glad that she is no longer suffering, nothing could have prepared me for the pain. She is in heaven with Jesus, and I know I will see her again one day.
But I tell you, despite having been on a healthy eating journey since February, I have not gotten a handle on the "grab something to eat" feeling whenever I get stressed or upset. Granted, the things I have been eating are generally healthier, but I have eaten too much of it. Oh, and for the sake of being honest and transparent, I have eaten off plan. Let's see, there was that cheesecake at the Beta Club induction, the bread from the table at Outback, the cake that all the nice ladies from my dad's church brought after the funeral, and I could go on. It's sad that I remember all those things so vividly! I really don't want to obsess about food. I just want to get healthier!
One step I have taken is to become more active. I have even gotten my family involved. Within the last week, we have taken our bikes to North Augusta's Greenway, on two different days, and we have had so much fun! Here are some photo highlights from today, when we also took Subway subs on a picnic.
This place is so beautiful!
Notice the red face! This happens every time I exert myself and get hot!

I have also been riding my bike and walking around my neighbor hood. We have a really good place to exercise. It just gets boring doing it alone sometimes. Thankfully, my family has been joining me more and more.

I have also been trying to make our meals more healthy. This is a salad I enjoyed this past week. I used Romaine and spinach, red onion, corn and edamame, Tyson's Grill ready Southwestern flavored chicken, and a sprinkle of 2% Mexican cheese. With a couple of tablespoons of lite ranch dressing, it was fabulous!

Oh, and my husband has helped me plant a potted herb garden on my back porch. I love that when I need parsley or cilantro, I can just got get some right outside my door. :)

So I guess I will keep trying, and eventually it will become second nature, right? I keep telling myself this food I'm eating is fuel, and I want to put the best stuff in so that my family gets the best out of me! Pressing on!

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