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Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Goal Met During Spring Break!

This has become my favorite breakfast. It's a whole wheat English muffin, with chive and onion light Laughing Cow Cheese smeared on each side, and filled with an egg, which I have scrambled with salt, pepper, and green onions. As a side, I have a bowl of mixed fruit. This is not only filling and tasty, it has helped me lose my first TEN pounds! Yep...I have hit my first goal of ten pounds. I decided that if I concentrated on the grand total of pounds I need to lose, the task would be too daunting, but ten pounds at a time, I think I can handle! You better believe I am happy! I am branching out a little from the George Foreman diet, not ditching it all together, but adding other healthy recipes I come across, some of which are my own. You know those yogurt parfaits I've made for breakfast in the past? Well, this morning, I switched it up a bit to make my own pina colada parfait! I layered Bare Naked Vanilla fit and free granola with nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt in a parfait glass, alternating granola, fruit, yogurt, and so on. I used strawberries, fresh pineapple, and sprinkled a pinch or two of unsweetened coconut on top of each fruit layer. It was the bomb (in a good way)!

This has been a good week, not just because of my weight loss accomplishment. The weather has been simply amazing, with temps in the seventies and sunshine,  and since it is spring break, I wanted to be sure and take my younger son out to do things together. Yesterday, we decided to go for a picnic and walk around the Brick Pond. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a beautiful park nestled behind the municipal building in North Augusta, SC not too far from the Savannah River. There is lots of wildlife there, picnic tables, and walking trails. We got Chick-fil-a (Matthew had a sandwich, and I got a salad) and ate by the water. We walked around taking pictures of some of the sites.We saw 2 alligators, various birds, fish, and turtles. My favorite discovery was a momma duck with 7 or 8 ducklings in the water. They let me get so close, and I got some pretty good photos. It was great getting out in the sunshine and getting a little exercise to boot!

Got any healthy recipes you are particularly fond of? Do share!
Do anything fun during Master's Week or your spring break? Tell me about it.
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