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Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning with the George Foreman Weight Loss Plan

I have learned to love ground turkey again. My husband and I used to eat it all the time in place of ground beef, and I don't even know why we stopped. Tonight I made "Turkey Meatloaf Burgers." It was simply ground turkey, ketchup, mustard, and oats.  I made them into patties and cooked them on the George Foreman Grill. I served them with green beans and potatoes, and tomato wedges. Only my teenager wouldn't eat (he said he wasn't hungry).  My younger son gobbled it up!
I have to say, I am loving this plan. Usually by the beginning of week two, I am becoming bored, I am craving the unhealthy stuff, and I'm ready to throw in the towel. Well today, I realized that one of the reasons I love this plan is that I am NOT bored, and the food is great! It's kid friendly too, and I don't have to go out and buy a bunch of ingredients that we would never eat.  Each week there's a new shopping list and recipes, not just for one meal but for three meals a day. I print out a week's worth of meals and mix and match them. The recipes keep me interested and satisfied, and it is "training" me how to eat. It's all about staying in it for the long haul. If I have to eat out, I just choose something like I would eat on the plan. I have also been trying to walk most days of the week. I didn't weigh the first day, so I dont' know exactly how many pounds I have lost, but I do know that I have lost at least 6 pounds in the first week....and I don't feel like it has been that difficult! It has been kind of fun! I've only made one recipe I didn't like. That's not too bad!
I noticed something significant over the weekend. My mom is in the hospital, and I drove the three hours to spend some time with her. On the way back, I drank my first diet soda in a week. That evening, I was so much more hungry....actually craving sweets! So I am going to leave off the diet sodas and artificial sweeteners, except my Stevia. Can't hurt, for sure! I am hoping that I don't cave to my stress. I am a big time stress eater. My mom is very sick, and her outlook is bleak, to say the least. I worry about her, I feel guilty that I can't be there for her more, and well...I just stress! Trying to just take it to God in prayer, rather than to my mouth on a spoon. ;) Pressing on.

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