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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Personal Victories

Well, it is day 6, and I'm still doing well with my healthier lifestyle. It's easier when I don't have to cook something different for the rest of the family. I am loosely following the George Foreman Weight Loss Challenge meal plans. Basically, I am trying to eat more healthy. I am eating whole grain bread instead of white bread, brown rice, lean meats, and lots more fruits and veggies. I have mostly cut out processed foods. I have allowed myself one day to eat whatever I have a craving for. So far I haven't needed it! This morning my husband got up and made biscuits for himself and the boys. Yesterday, I had grilled some extra chicken on the grill. They put some chicken in their biscuits, and I put mine in a whole wheat English muffin. I'd say that is a win! I also got some exercise in today! Two wins!
My mom is in the hospital. I may be driving to see her tomorrow. She and my dad live three hours from me. So, it will be a long day, and I will have to be careful about what I eat. Praying that my mom responds to treatment and gets to go home soon. If you pray, we would appreciate your prayers for her as well.
By now, some of you may be getting tired of hearing about my every meal, so I will probably not post about this every day. I promise though to keep you up to date on my progress!  Pressing on!

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