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Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Rescues

This is Faye! She is a pit bull mix.
This is Molly. She is a Maltese who we rescued two and half years ago.

This is Sally. She is a lab mix who we rescued over 15 years ago.
These are the faces of some of the best pets I've ever had. They were all three rescued in different ways. Sally, the lab mix, was a puppy when we found her on the side of the road. She was flea-ridden, hungry and was licking chocolate off of a candy wrapper. We had to have her put to sleep just this past September at the age of 15. She had debilitating, degenerative arthritis and had gotten to the point where she could not walk. She was one of the sweetest dogs, and my two boys adored her!
Faye is a pit bull mix, who wandered into our yard with a pal, a little west highland terrier. They were an odd pair, but they were playmates. We did everything we knew to do to find the owners. We called vets' offices, humane society, put up posters, put ads in various locations. No one claimed them. So, my husband made the decision to keep the pit bull mix so that Sally would have a companion. We found a new home for the Westie. Faye has been a sweet and loving pet as well.
Molly is a Maltese. We are not sure of her age. My son and I rescued her from a certain death as she was running into traffic on a busy highway near my son's school. Her coat and skin were in miserable condition. I took her home, then to the vet, and soon she was on her way back to being healthy. We tried to find the owners, but again,  no one came forward. We've had her for about 2 1/2 years now. The vet said she is older. She has cataracts beginning to form, her teeth are in bad need of cleaning, and to complicate things, she has kidney stones and a bad heart murmur. My husband was kind enough to let me keep her and let her stay inside. 
I LOVE my dogs! I am so happy we have them. They add so much to our lives. The sad fact is, though, that these aren't the only dogs and cats that have wandered onto our property. God knows that if we could have, we would have cared for ALL of them, but there's just no way in a subdivision like ours. I just don't understand why people get pets and then don't care for them. I follow a Facebook page called the CSRA Humane Society. On any given day, there are at least a half dozen notices of lost, missing, or found dogs. It saddens me. Today, as I traveled to a town about 15 minutes away, I saw two adorable dogs, in two different locations, running loose in danger of being struck by a car. 
People...if you are going to get a pet, you must be a responsible owner. I understand that occasionally animals escape, and there is nothing you could have knowingly done. But there are other folks who just don't seem to realize that dogs, cats and cars don't mix! You don't let your pet run loose anywhere near a street! 
So, to the previous owners of the dogs we currently care for, SHAME on you! You've missed out on some great dogs by not caring for them properly. At the same time, THANK You! We LOVE our pets!

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