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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Food, Exercise and Trying New Things

Sorry that it has been over a week since I've posted. It has been busy, and it has been stressful. I don't see that changing much over the next little while, but I will try to do better. I guess part of the reason I haven't posted is because my weight has been coming off at such a crawl...well, at least it feels that way. I weighed this morning, and I am down 18 pounds. I am happy about that, especially since I can feel it in my pants now. My behind seems to be the first thing to go, but I sure wish I could get it off my stomach faster! I have been trying to get some type of exercise in every day, whether it be walking our neighborhood or doing yard work/gardening. On days I don't get outside, I have been doing this routine:
1. Side Lying Leg Lifts (15 on each side)
2. Body Weight Squat (15 reps...hard on my knees though)
3. Wall Push ups (15 reps)
4. Crunches (30 reps)
5. Wall Leg Raises (Hold for 15 counts)
Here's the flower bed my hubby and I worked on this weekend. Can't wait until the yellow flowers spread.

Exercising makes me feel good about myself, like I'm really doing something good for my health. I'll admit it is hard sometimes to pass up the dessert or the smell of a double cheeseburger. One thing I'm learning this time around though is the give and take of it all. If I over do it at one meal, I can usually keep my calories in check by leaving off my afternoon snack or after dinner dessert (which, by the way, has been 5 or 6 strawberries and a 1 oz. piece of 70% cocoa chocolate). Here are a couple of the things I've been eating. I enjoy my chicken wrap lunch (roasted chicken, whole wheat tortilla, salsa and FF sour cream), and I LOVE my sauteed squash, zucchini, peppers and onions.
Along with losing weight seems to come an increase in confidence. Here's an example of something I would never had tried in the past. It's not perfect, but I LOVE it because I DID it! I went to one of those painting with acrylics parties. It wasn't easy to do, but I'm glad I went. Gonna keep trying new things. Gotta step out of this box I've kept myself in for so long.
I also have to brag on my boy. My older son was named a USC Aiken Scholar! They were honored at a reception at the university a couple of nights ago. He's so smart, and I'm so proud of him!
Until next time...pressing on!

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